International Students

  • Annika (Germany)

    Annika (Germany)

    You will love the beautiful environment around Timaru. I have been to the lakes many times and tried kayaking, tramping and cycling. The outdoor life really suits me. The air is crisp and clean, no pollution here, you can’t imagine how nice it is. The girls at school are great, very friendly and interested in me and where I come from. I hope I can come back to Timaru one day.
  • Nichole (Hong Kong)

    Nichole (Hong Kong)

    I love the school hostel and the Music room because I can practise piano there. Don’t worry about the new culture, language and how you will live – in the first few days you will probably get lost but people help you a lot, they are very kind. Life in Timaru can be very funny because sometimes people in shops do not understand you straight away so there are sometimes humourous misunderstandings!
  • Zakhiya (South Africa)

    Zakhiya (South Africa)

    The technology building is very cool and modern. Timaru Girls’ is very cultural and respectful and fun. They treat you the same as everyone else so there’s no effort to fit in. Drama is my favourite subject- it’s interesting and lots of fun. There are many more learning opportunities than in my home country so I like it here because I feel I have a future.
  • Minori (Japan)

    Minori (Japan)

    Timaru Girls’ has big and beautiful school grounds with a lot of trees and flowers. I like the nature around me. I also really like foods in the cafeteria. We learn a lot of English in ESOL class which we have every day as well as our other subjects. My homestay life is very nice especially my homestay mother, father and sister. They are very funny. When i am older I will remember the kiwi food because I love it, also my friends as they are very kind, funny and cute.
  • Hae-Jeong (Korea)

    Hae-Jeong (Korea)

    The cafeteria food is nice. The school is wider than Korean schools. Many Kiwi girls are good at Physical Education. When I first arrived I felt very nervous because my English was poor and I couldn’t understand what the teachers were saying but all the people who were with me like the form teacher and my friends helped me so I am settled here now. Life in Timaru is quiet with not so many cars and high buildings but it is very safe.
  • Ilevima (Fiji)

    Ilevima (Fiji)

    The standard of school is very high and also the teachers are really helpful in all of my subjects. They are patient and help me speak better English – my English has improved quickly. I take Biology, PE, Maths, ESOL, English and Study as I am in Year 13. Sometimes the teachers make me laugh because they are funny.
  • Ploy (Thailand)

    Ploy (Thailand)

    I really enjoyed the trip to Queenstown with the other international students. It was unforgettable as Queenstown is such a very beautiful place and we had so much fun together. Girls’ High students looked after me and the other new international students that arrived the same time as me. They helped by telling us how to go to the next class when we got lost when we first came. I like the good life in the hostel and in the holidays I go to a homestay. We have a great cafeteria and we all really enjoy that!
  • Teresa (Hong Kong)

    Teresa (Hong Kong)

    Girls’ High is warm and friendly. They are very welcoming to new girls and you are part of the Girls’ High family so they take great care of you. Life in Timaru is happy and relaxed. It is a natural and peaceful place which is really good for study and life. I live in the hostel so I am friends with all the hostel girls as well as the girls at school.
  • Bloom (Thailand)

    Bloom (Thailand)

    TGHS is full of friendly teachers. The study life is not too strict but it is really quality standard of study. When I first arrived everyone was very helpful. Especially Mrs Vear the Principal, Mrs Steven as ESOL teacher and Mrs Wiberg as coordinator of homestays. You have many choices for subjects and there are plenty of after school activities e.g. sport, dancing, volunteers etc. Timaru is a town in the centre of the South Island. It is only a small town but it is lovely with fresh clean air and a beautiful natural landscape.