In addition to academic development, boarding helps girls build their confidence, independence, social skills, cultural awareness, community spirit, respect for others, self-motivation, responsibility and a wide range of interests, in a way that no other experience can.

Timaru Girls’ High School daygirls and boarders are encouraged to become involved in either co-curricular sport, cultural or creative activities. There is always something going on in the boarding community.

The House offers support for girls to pursue their personal interests. During weekends boarding students can take part in a range of activities including trips to the city centre, films, theatre, ski trips (in winter), and games.

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Boarding Facilities

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Timaru Girls' High School can provide full accommodation at its hostel, called "The House", which is situated right next to the school. Casual accommodation can also be arranged - for example, if a girl has a regular sports practice it is often easier for all is she stays that night at the hostel. Costs of such are very reasonable. Each girl has her own room, and all meals are provided. There is supervised prep in the evenings and the girls have access to computers which are connected to the school's network.

This ensures that school work and the internet are easily available. As The House is adjacent to the school, the girls have full access to the school's recreational amenities such as the tennis courts, music practice rooms and library. The House also has its own television lounges with videos and the girls have access to tea and snack-making facilities. The House offers Timaru Girls’ High School students a safe and secure environment, in which to focus on their studies, discover and explore new opportunities, and have fun while they're doing it. Our caring staff develop close relationships with the girls and are committed to making boarding at Timaru Girls’ High School a rewarding, productive and enjoyable experience.

The House Brochure

“The House” provides a supportive extended family environment that encourages young women to achieve personal growth and excellence and offers a unique opportunity to learn life skills and responsibility in a structured and caring environment.

  • "Boarding enables girls who do not live in our local area to benefit from the high quality education available at Timaru Girls’ High School. Boarders play a very important part in the life of the school."

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