Boarding Facilities

DSC 7934Timaru Girls' High School can provide full accommodation at its hostel, called "The House", which is situated right next to the school.

Casual accommodation can also be arranged - for example, if a girl has a regular sports practice it is often easier for all is she stays that night at the hostel. Costs of such are very reasonable.

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Boarding Activities

In addition to academic development, boarding helps girls build their confidence, independence, social skills, cultural awareness, community spirit, respect for others, self-motivation, responsibility and a wide range of interests, in a way that no other experience can.

Timaru Girls’ High School daygirls and boarders are encouraged to become involved in either co-curricular sport, cultural or creative activities. There is always something going on in the boarding community.

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Health & well-being

DSC 8068aOne of the key considerations of parents sending their daughters boarding is the emotional and physical wellbeing of their children.

Boarding is a close community. As a community we all contribute to the wellbeing of each other and an ethos of mutual care and concern.

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