School Community

Timaru Girls’ High School offers every girl a stable environment in which to develop and grow as an individual.

We provide each girl with the opportunity to discover and nurture her talents, accept responsibility and transform herself into a confident young woman who is equipped both personally and academically to face the future. Timaru Girls’ High School proudly maintains strong cultural traditions with an emphasis on self-motivation, high personal values, mutual respect and discipline.

These combine to provide girls with an experience that is not only enjoyable but which also fosters a true sense of self-worth. The educational framework in place at Timaru Girls’ High School begins with a broad based programme for junior girls, leading to a wide range of specialist study areas during their senior years.

Programmes are available to cater for the individual needs of girls at each level and to further expand their personal development in preparation for tertiary education or the work force. All the staff at Timaru Girls’ High School make it a priority to interact directly with our girls at every opportunity, maintaining that allimportant personal contact through the period that many regard as the most significant formative years of all. Girls from many different backgrounds and nationalities add a welcome diversity to life at Timaru Girls’ High School, providing their fellow students and staff with a valuable insight into, and an understanding of other cultures and societies.

The culture of our school is based on its long history and traditions which provide our girls with a sound base from which to take their first confident steps out into the wide world.

Mrs Sarah Davis
JP, M Ed Admin, BA, Dip. Tchg.

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Mission Statement & Values

sidebar Mission 2017


- Ko te manu e kai ana I te miro, nona te ngahere
Ko te manu e kai ana I te Matauranga, nona te ao
Knowledge is Power


- Inspired young women, equipped for life through quality education


1. Community (Manaakitanga)
2. Heritage (Taonga tukuiho)
3. Leadership (Nga Ranga tira mo apopo)
4. Learning culture (Wananga)

Strategic Goals 2016 – 2018

All Timaru Girls' High School students will experience success through a full education which recognises individual needs and reflects our vision and values (underpinned by NZ Curriculum, measured by NCEA and with support for our priority groups).

Board Of Trustees

  • Vicki McKnight (Chair, Parent Representative)
  • Sarah Davis (Principal)
  • Simone Tulley (Staff Representative)
  • Michael Winter (Parent Representative)
  • Alison Leadley (Parent Representative)
  • Ross Munro (Parent Representative)
  • Ginny Vincent (Parent Representative)
  • Sarah Milne (Co-opted)
  • Lily Bolland (Student Representative)

Board Secretary

  • Lyn George -

Staff List

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School Policies

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